"He's a great idea guy, even better at executing ideas, and he makes every marketing conversation all about maximizing opportunity."

- Brian Kurtz, CEO Titans Marketing

Bruce Seide co-founded Phoenix Marketing Group in 1991 for the purpose of helping direct marketing companies develop profitable growth opportunities, primarily through new product and/or new business introductions as well as strategic alliances.

The extensive marketing and general management background of the principal has provided the basis for a consulting practice that encompasses all aspects of direct marketing including direct mail, telemarketing, DRTV and internet commerce.  It also spans the adult, juvenile and school market segments.

Since its inception Phoenix Marketing Group has established itself as one the premier consultants in the direct marketing industry.  A wide range of highly respected clients combined with very diverse assignments over the years has enabled the company to build a solid reputation as a leader in the field.

Phoenix Marketing Group’s services include:  providing strategic planning guidance that will lead to profitable growth; developing business plans for new product/new business introductions; identification of new business opportunities; integrating online marketing into current business models; leveraging assets and broadening revenue bases; conducting audits of direct marketing practices and recommending “best practices” based on industry benchmarks and successes.  The group has built a reputation for very actively facilitating strategic alliances between client companies and other appropriate business partners.

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